Organize your space, discover your Zen


A house is more than just a building. It’s your home. A lifetime of wonders takes place within its walls.

Do you remember the day you were handed the keys to your house? Such a special day! All those decorations plan you had. Your first sofa, double bed, a nursery room…

You’ve spent all those years accumulating furniture, possessions, and the items used day-to-day, but now you’ve arrived at the moment when you have just too many things. A common problem is the accumulation of objects we do not need, all too soon it’s a case of out of sight, and therefore out of mind for even the things that are special to us. This creates a cluttered overloaded space, where energy doesn’t swirl, it stalls.

I’m at hand to help you liberate space and de-clutter. To decide what to throw out or to donate, and to bring a sense of peace to your home, organising and bringing order to your life creating a minimalist style.

Feng shui advises us to free ourselves of the old to make room for the new

My aim is for you to look forward to the occasion of arriving home and enjoying your time there. To not be overwhelmed by choices on opening your wardrobe; instead, as soon as those doors swing open, you will see everything inside right away. I will show you techniques to help you find that peaceful place, you will be able to play on the floor with your children, without worrying about how all the toys will be tidied away afterwards, returning peace to your space. Your house will be filled with such good energy that you will love and be proud to share it with your friends as they come over for wonderful evenings with you.

Create that space of harmony for you and your loved ones.

Let’s work together. Let’s create a conscious space where you can enjoy what you really love, where you can truly live happily.

Less content. More contentment.

About Me


I am Jerica, and I come from Panama. In 2011, love knocked at my door and four years later, it swept me off my feet to Sweden.

Space organization has always been an important part of my life. When I was little, I shared a small bedroom with my sister. The order was a must for us to be able to sleep and study comfortably. It was essential to keep our space tidy, and I developed ways to organize everything. I painted the room and decorated it, and that’s how my passion for organizing spaces and making them cosy was born.

Even to this day, I love organizing my family’s houses. I love seeing the happiness that brings!

I studied interior design at Panama USMA University, and have worked in this field for over 20 years. It has given me the pleasure of travelling to many different places from where I now get much of my inspiration and knowledge.

The art of a Conscious style of life guides every part of my being, be that eating, feeling, or sharing time with others. I love to bring a sense of tranquility to the home using Mother Earth’s natural resources, like wood, wicker, plants, and natural fibers, amongst many others. I am never happier than when walking through a forest or sitting down to look out at the sea. My whole organization revolves around bringing harmony and wellbeing to spaces. It fills me with joy to help other people create a more relaxed way of life for themselves.

Some of my other passions include holistic practices, working as an instructor in different therapies such as meditation, yoga, Moon Mother, Reiki, and massage and aromatherapy healing using young living essential oils. I am also a medicine woman, and I love to combine all those passions to bring calm and satisfaction to my day.


Organize your home. Organize your life. Your home is the best reflection of you. Let’s bring wellbeing into your space together.